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Future Episodes

A few weeks before each episode we will send you details about the live webinar and follow-up with recordings.

Join Eric Nantz of the R-Podcast as he interviews some of the most interesting people in the Shiny developer community, and demos some of the best tools for developing great data science applications.

Upcoming episodes include

Nathan Teetor on yonder
Episode 8 - Friday December 6, 2-3pm Eastern
We have seen the Shiny community grow immensely with excellent packages built to extend the existing functionality provided by Shiny itself. But what would a re-imagination of Shiny’s user interface and server-side components entail? Nathan’s yonder package is built on Shiny, but gives developers an alternative framework for building applications with R. Eric will talk with Nathan about what shiny developers can learn from this approach and how he’s approached such an ambitious undertaking!

Previous Episodes

Winston Chang on Shiny Development History and Future
In Episode 1, Winston Chang talked about the key events that triggered RStudio’s efforts to make Shiny a production-ready framework, how principles of software design are invaluable for creating complex applications, and exciting plans for revamping the user interface and new integrations.

Colin Fay on golem and Effective Shiny Development Methods.
In Episode 2, Colin Fay from ThinkR shared insights and practical advice for building production-grade Shiny applications. He talked about the new golem package as the usethis for Shiny app development, why keeping the perspective of your app customers can keep you on the right development path, and much more.

Mark Edmondson on `googleAnalyticsR` and building an R-Package Optimized for Shiny
In Episode 3 - Mark Edmondson from IIH Nordic talked about how he incorporates Shiny components such as modules with googleAnalyticsR and his other excellent packages. He dived into some of the technical challenges he had to overcome to provide a clean interface to many Google APIs, the value of open-source contributions to both his work and personal projects, and much more.

David Granjon on the RinteRface Collection of Production-Ready Shiny UI Packages.
Episode 4 - If you've ever wanted to build an elegant and powerful Shiny UI that takes advantage of modern web frameworks, this episode is for you! David Granjon of the RinteRface project joins us to highlight the ways you can quickly create eye-catching dashboards, mobile-friendly views, and much more with the RinteRface suite of Shiny packages.

Nick Strayer on Novel Uses of JavaScript in Shiny Applications
Episode 5 - Friday, September 13, 11am-Noon Eastern
Shiny has paved the way for R users to build interactive applications based in javascript, all through R code. But the world of javascript can bring new possibilities for visualizations and interactivity. Nick Strayer joins us in episode 5 of the Shiny Developer Series to discuss the ways he's been able to harness the power of javascript in his projects, such as his shinysense package.

Yang Tang on Advanced UI, the Motivation and Use Cases of shinyjqui
Episode 6 - Friday, October 25, 11am-Noon Eastern
Sometimes your Shiny app's UI needs a little extra interactivity to give users more flexibility and highlight key interactions. For example, one user might not like the initial placement of a plot or data table and would like to move it around themselves. In episode 6 of the Shiny Developer Series, we will be joined by Yang Tang to discuss the development and capabilities of the powerful `shinyjqui` package that provides Shiny developers clean and intuitive wrappers to the immensely popular JQuery javascript library.

Victor Perrier & Fanny Meyer on dreamRs, and Tools to Customize the Look & Feel of Your App
Episode 7 - Friday November 15, 11-Noon Eastern time.
Have you ever wanted to ease the effort in customizing the look and feel of your Shiny app? Victor and Fanny are behind dreamRs, a large collection of R packages dedicated to Shiny developers, many of which are designed to help you make your Shiny app as professional looking as possible. They will talk about how moving beyond Shiny’s default options can improve your users’ experience.
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