Sharing on Short Notice: How to Get Your Materials Online With R Markdown

A webinar presentation by Alison Hill and Desirée De Leon

Live on March 31st, at 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT


Educators create a lot of files for teaching- slides, exercises, solutions, assignments, data, figures- that all ultimately need to be shared with other people. Having a link for sharing your teaching materials can save you time and pain, but it is hard to get started if you’ve never shared your resources online before. In this webinar, we’ll give a tour of the R Markdown ecosystem for educators that you can start to use right away. We’ll show how it can help you make your teaching more shareable, reproducible, and resilient.


Jenny Bryan

About Garrett

Garrett specializes in teaching, data science, and teaching data science. He has a PhD in Statistics, wrote the popular lubridate package, invented the RStudio cheatsheets, and has (co)authored three books: Hands-On Programming with R, R for Data Science, and R Markdown: The Definitive Guide.

Jenny Bryan

About Alison Hill

Alison Hill is a data scientist and professional educator at RStudio. She is an international keynote speaker, and co-author of the book “blogdown: Creating Websites with R Markdown”. She holds a Ph.D. in psychology and quantitative methods, and is an award-winning educator. Prior to joining RStudio, she was an Associate Professor at Oregon Health & Science University, with research funded by the National Institutes of Health, Autism Speaks, and the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute.

Jenny Bryan

About Desirée De Leon

Desirée De Leon is a data scientist and neuroscientist from Atlanta, GA. As an intern for RStudio, she developed resources to help educators use R and RStudio for teaching. Desirée enjoys using illustration to create visual guides to statistics and coding, including her co-authored R Markdown project all about tiny giraffes. You can hear more about that project in her rstudio::conf 2020 talk.

Jenny Bryan

About the speaker

Jenny Bryan is a recovering biostatistician who takes special delight in eliminating the small agonies of data analysis. She’s part of Hadley’s team, working on R packages and integrating them into fluid workflows. She’s been working in R/S for over 20 years, serves in the leadership of rOpenSci and Forwards, and is an Ordinary Member of the R Foundation. Jenny is an Associate Professor of Statistics (on leave) at the University of British Columbia, where she created the course STAT 545.


There will be approximately 60 minutes of presentation. While we usually have a question and answer session, there will be a lot of ground to cover during this presentation. 

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