Beyond Dashboard Fatigue 



July 14, 2020 at 1pm-2pm Eastern Time

What You'll Learn
Data science teams face a challenging task. Not only do they have to gain insight from data, they also have to persuade others to make decisions based on those insights. To close this gap, teams rely on tools like dashboards, apps, and APIs.  But unfortunately data organizations can suffer from their own success - how many of those dashboards are viewed once and forgotten? Is a dashboard of dashboards really the right solution? And what about that pesky, precisely formatted Excel spreadsheet finance still wants every week? 

In this webinar, we’ll show you an easy way teams can solve these problems using proactive email notifications through the blastula and gt packages, and how RStudio pro products can be used to scale out those solutions for enterprise applications. Dynamic emails are a powerful way to meet decision makers where they live - their inbox - while displaying exactly the results needed to influence decision-making. Best of all, these notifications are crafted with code, ensuring your work is still reproducible, durable, and credible.

We’ll demonstrate how this approach provides solutions for data quality monitoring, detecting and alerting on anomalies, and can even automate routine (but precisely formatted) KPI reporting.


Jenny Bryan

Beyond Dashboard Fatigue

Jenny Bryan

About Rich Iannone

Software Engineer at RStudio

Rich is a software engineer that enjoys working with R. He likes to create R packages that help people to accomplish things. While Rich very clearly digs R, he enjoys other things as well! Examples include: playing and listening to music, reading books, watching films, meeting up with friends, and wandering through the many valleys and ravines of the Greater Toronto Area.

Jenny Bryan

About Sean Lopp

Product Manager at RStudio

Sean leads teams to create useful, enjoyable products. Before RStudio he was a data scientist and worked on alternative vehicle models at NREL, infant sleep dynamics, and originally studied mathematics. He lives outside Denver, CO and skis and bikes with his family.

Jenny Bryan

About the speaker

Jenny Bryan is a recovering biostatistician who takes special delight in eliminating the small agonies of data analysis. She’s part of Hadley’s team, working on R packages and integrating them into fluid workflows. She’s been working in R/S for over 20 years, serves in the leadership of rOpenSci and Forwards, and is an Ordinary Member of the R Foundation. Jenny is an Associate Professor of Statistics (on leave) at the University of British Columbia, where she created the course STAT 545.


Only 1,000 live attendees are allowed in the Webinar on a first come first serve basis. There will be approximately 60 minutes of presentation. While we usually have a question and answer session, there will be a lot of ground to cover during this presentation. 

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